The program knocked me down a notch. I was able to do what I didnt want to Stop, Look and Listen. I am finding peace in being less reactive. This program, and the tools Im collecting, is making this journey less turbulent. I feel a part of something. I feel loved and cared for. I feel acceptance of myself like never before. Also, there is hope for my future. Thanks Harrison House

"When I entered this program I was a cold, shallow and a lonely human being with no direction in life. I have been shown a lot, mostly by Miss Tonia (Program Director), as in direction and personality (as in how to treat others). And its all called my tool belt, which helps me to live life clean. I have communicated my true feelings to my family, thanks to everyone at Harrison House" 

"My name is Michael  I fell into alcohol and marijuana in my early teens. As a result of constant fighting with my parents, I moved to Los Angeles. This is when I got into crack. I had an apartment, car, friends and money, but within five months I lost it all. In my despair my cousins intervened and took me to Harrison House. For the first three weeks I threatened to leave everyday, but the staff told me to stay. For once I listened. After the fog lifted from years of abuse, I came to grips on how serious my addiction really was. The environment is good, but its the  staff and fellow clients that helped me the most. I owe them my life, and I am a miracle in their eyes and mine." 

"Who would have thought that the woman staring in the mirror at a face that looked like it had been hit by a hand grenade and blown the nose off, was about to begin her journey of a lifetime. This was a successful career woman, well known in the business community, loved and cherished by her family. What had gone wrong? Bottom line drugs and alcohol! A Better Tomorrow was the blessing sent by God to save my life. Through all the staff, from  Kevin the owner of the house to the house sup and especially the  one who pulled no punches, Miss Tonia. I was given the tools that enabled me to get on a path to recovery. I have years of recovery under my belt and I can attribute it all to the loving care I received at Harrison House.


A Journey to Recovery